Red Sky At Night

Our baby girl reached 14 weeks today. That means it is at least 14 weeks since I was able to go wandering with my SLR. Probably longer. I can’t recall.

I have been snapping away with our point-and-shoot but I don’t find this as relaxing, contemplative and therapeutic as a solitary walk along the coast with my SLR and tripod. I pause, observe and see more deeply when I shoot with my SLR. This weekend I was able to get out for an hour with just the dog and the SLR for company. It wasn’t long, but I felt so much more relaxed afterwards (work is stressing me out, not the baby!).



  1. tom says:

    Very unusual atmosphere created by the red light. Looks like in the Frankfurt area where the sky is lit by the airport.

  2. george says:

    The answer might be a front sling, I know I go one of my best shots ever, with my son (then 6 months – now 32) hanging from my front…and you’ll enjoy the company!

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