The Elements II

Like the previous post, this photograph was taken in Madeira. On the water’s edge near our apartment was a disused sugar mill, within which were a couple of machines which had completely rusted. I really liked the huge gears and, though I found the state of abandonment quite sad, there was a certain beauty to the rust. It’s no surprise that industrial decay is such a popular photographic subject with its “found” beauty and sense of nature undoing “what civilisation has hath wrought”.

This is also an appropriate image to post at the same time as I release a bit of an overhaul of the machinery that runs this blog. It now adjusts well to a wide range of physical displays (technically, known as “responsive”) and I’ve simplified the way comments and the image description are accessed. If you have several devices with different screen sizes, please visit the blog on each and let me know if anything seems untoward.



  1. tom says:

    Hooray…I am the first. Love the toning and the composition.

  2. Adrian Park says:

    Thanks Tom.

    If anyone wonders why Tom is celebrating why his is the first comment, you’ll just have to visit regularly so you can see what happens when there are no comments ;)

  3. Focales says:

    The textures of this gearing eaten away by the bad weather and years are magnificent.

  4. Doug Hickok says:

    I love this carefully composed image Adrian! I am visually relishing all the textures, shapes, and details. This certainly is a perfect example of found beauty, the intrigue of industrial decay, and the poetry of compositional brilliance :^)

  5. george says:

    The image of industrial decay gives a fine contrast to the smooth clean, technology of the new Blog format which looks and feels good…I must add to that I like the processing, it adds a great and additional atmosphere to the air of decay.

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